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Say no more! I get it. I TOTALLY get it! What I don't get, is why doesn't everyone want to feel sensual, sexual, and beautiful? I know it might not be practical or welcomed to do so at all times, but can't we during some very special times?

When you wake up, you roll out from between silky sheets, then allow hot, steaming water to awaken every pore as you lather up with a favorite body wash and begin your fragrance layering for the day. You step out of the hot steam, wrap your long hair in a cute, pink turban, dry off and apply soft, creamy lotion of the same scent along your smooth legs.

I love all things GIRL, every minute detail! And I am intrigued and fascinated by Y chromosome types who want the same! There is nothing more delightful, exciting, and fun than to explore your inner woman.

The weaker sex, my tush, and you know it! You envy us, don't you? You know what power can be had in a beautiful feminine package! What man doesn't lose track of his thoughts when a pretty and perfumed vixen saunters past? Or when you hear the click click of her heels coming closer and closer until she is so close you can inhale her sweet, musky scent, making your head spin.

Perfectly powdered and perfumed she commands attention from all of those around, and more times than not, her every request is granted with little resistance. The mesmerizing power a sexy woman yields, indeed.

Want a taste? Hmm? I want to give you a taste. I?d love helping you pick out the perfect ensemble for any occasion! What colors bring out your eyes? Which stockings do you like best? I love thigh highs for everyday wear. Feels so naughty and sexy as I go about my day, knowing how many men would swoon and beg for my attention if they only knew what was under my skirt.

Just starting to explore? That's great! You'll have more fun and learn so much more with a girlfriend to show you the ropes! From working up the nerve to put on your first pair of silky soft panties to dressing to the 9?s for a night out of fun and debauchery, let?s do this.

Let us discover the girl you always wanted to be.




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