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Did you know the feel of lingerie against your skin feels so much nicer after you've had a long soak in the tub? Your softer silkier skin after a bath heightens the sensations and primes your mind to be more feminine

Although it's a very good start, being feminine is so much more than slipping on a pair of panties. Not only must you learn to visualize the woman you want to be, but you must also condition yourself to treat your mind and body as a feminized creature. So that when you slip into your panties, your pantyhose, or that special dress, you are also slipping into a feminized state of awareness.

Oh you've stumbled along, buying lingerie or trying on an outfit here and there to try and satisfy that craving to be truly feminine, but without the guidance of a mistress you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed and very lost. It takes a real woman to turn you into one. It is also about treating your body and mind as a whole as a feminized creature. As your mistress, I will not only train and guide you in the ways of feminization. I will reshape and condition your entire way of thinking as I make over your image.

I offer assignments, custom mp3s, customized online shopping trips and regular coaching to help you become the woman you were meant to be. We can even put on our lingerie and have girl talk about how good it feels to be so pretty and girlie!




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