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So are you looking to talk about your love for all things girly, but still new to it all? Not quite ready for or looking for a transforming metamorphosis, but would rather just speak of your love of panties, nylons, or the like? Maybe you need some tough love to get you motivated to take the next step, or just a friend to lean on with an ear to talk to and commiserate with.

I specialize in jewelry design, and since I have worked as a wedding dress designer's assistant and boutique merchandiser and manager, I am well seasoned in vintage and artistic apparel. My own personal style is kaleidoscopic and ever changing. I'd say my top five fashion icons are all over the eclectic map, so to speak. Also, from DIY accessories, the best places to shop online, to my very own stash of beauty tips and trade secrets, I've got the goods to share.

Maybe you can teach me something new as well. We can swap product reviews and see if we can snag a few new fave finds. I think fashion is a militant march, but personal style is a song and dance. Style can't be bought, but rather possessed. So let your true colors show, no matter how unique. I would love to be that gal for you. I have helped many friends at various degrees of fem fun, from newfound fems to full-blown. I love the whole rainbow, so just let me know what you need; a little inspiration, encouragement, or chat buddy, friendly advice, etc. Anything goes. I'm right here for ya, doll, so give me a call sometime.




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