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I know how you think, sissy boy. When you look down between your legs, you see a clit, not a penis. I,as your Mistress, of course know and understand this. You desire to feel wet panties between your legs. You even shave yourself at times because you want so much to be a woman. I will help you with this.

We will have sleepovers and paint each others' nails and get our hair done together. I love turning you into my girlfriend... no, my very best friend. We tell each other secrets all night long. Or perhaps you would prefer to stay at home and get dressed up as two lesbians and make love to each other until the sun comes up? We can even take turns with the strap on since neither one of us has a cock. I can go slow if you need me to.

I love the feel of my bra when it is on your body. I watch you strut around my house wearing my lingerie as if it was your own. What you don't know is my dirty little secret. It turns me on to cum in my panties and then make you wear them. I love when you are my filthy little lesbian. When I turn you out and force you, my favorite girl that I just dressed up, to be with a man, my pussy drips with excitement. I love to watch you being a dirty slut in public places. No one knows you're a guy when we are in the club.

We go out together as two whores looking for a good time. Sometimes we go to a lesbian bar because secretly you want to be one. Other times we are a little more nasty and go to biker bars and I watch you suck off a few guys in leather. Sound fun? Call me for more!




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