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Darling pet, I know why you called. You can't hide the desire in your voice. I can sense the trembling of your hand as you reach out to feel the slinky smoothness of the nylon stocking against your fingertips, the slippery coolness of the silky panties against the palm of your hand. You have the basics ready . . . the clothing.

You want . . . you need . . . you crave even more.

You want to start over, do it right, do it even more completely than you ever have. You want the soft smooth skin, sweetly perfumed with lotion. You need the painted nails, in the most complimentary colors. You crave the perfect outfit - not just one that makes you look like a slutty drag queen, but one that makes you look and feel like the girly girl you know you are.

Have you already selected your method of hair removal? Have you started? No? Well, we certainly have plenty of work ahead of us if you haven't begun the research yet, but have only dared to dream . . . .

In addition to all you have hoped and dreamed, I intend to take you even deeper into the fantasy. You will begin to adopt womanly ways in secret, to continue the excitement and arousal throughout your daily activities, whether you are a blue collar worker, or a suit and tie kind of guy - either way you will become more feminine daily, desiring only to one day complete the transformation that will make you a lady.

I, Empress Stephanie, will take you there . . . further than you ever hoped, dreamed, or dared.




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