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Evolution Of A Panty Boi

by Ms. Christine of www.mistressphonesexcalls.com

Before You Become A Panty Boi, You Need To Know...

A lot of my callers think that wearing panties is some harmless, kinky fun. And once they start, they think they can stop anytime they want. Boy are they wrong!

Becoming A Panty Boi Can Be Instantly Addictive

You’ve thought about wearing panties for a while now. Maybe you filched you wife or girlfriend’s out of the laundry and felt them, smelled them, used them to jerk off with. You’ve never actually slid them on though, have you? Be careful what you wish for, because once you’re in a pair of panties, when you feel how soft and silky they are, you’ll become hooked.

You Will Get A Raging Panty Boi Hard On

Yeah, the fact that your cock is hard – harder than you can ever remember it being – will start to change your mind and warp it into that of a panty boi. You desperately want to stroke it, and you might even act on that. What am I saying, might? You’re definitely going to start rubbing that cock through your panties, making a nice little wet spot on the front of them. Hell, you’ll probably go all the way and cream them!

You Will Also Love The Look and Feel Of That Thong Up Your Ass

That first pair may not be a thong, but trust me, you’ll get there. And when you do, you will love how that butt floss rides up your crack and gives you a perpetual wedgie. You’ll love how it feels sliding across your taint, and how, because thongs aren’t made to accomodate balls, how your nuggets fall out on either side. Think of wearing a thong as cheap DIY ball bondage!

You Will Go To The Store To Buy More

One or two pairs, or whatever you can steal from the hamper without her noticing just won’t be enough anymore. See, I told you you’d become instantly hooked! Before you know it, you’ll be at the lingerie store, picking out more pairs for yourself. Oh, you’ll tell the salesgirls they’re for that special lady in your life. Don't feel too bad about lying, those ladies know the truth. You’re not the first panty boi who’s come in to their store, and they know the look.

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