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Feminization Phone Sex

Are you ready?

It's time to take those boring, drab, MAN clothes off...and slip into something more fabulous




More feminine.

It's time to release the stress and boredom of being a man...and enjoy the erotic release that comes along with transforming yourself into that amazingly sexy woman that lies within.

Perhaps you enjoy crossdressing and feminization becase it allows you to feel closer to the women you find so attractive.

We are experts in crossdressing phone sex fantasies...

Perhaps you find them so incredibly sexy, you want to feel what it's like to BE such a sexy woman.

Cross Dressing allows one to escape the parameters of their own identity and sexuality, to break through the expectations and responsibilities that come along with one's gender...

For a lot of us, it's just really, really sexy!

Some individuals who are into feminization fantasies enjoy the angle of forced feminization. Many people find domination exciting; combining femdom and feminization in a forced feminization is very arousing for a lot of men - and women, too. Adding an element of helplessness to the feminization experience allows a man to relinquish feelings of guilt which may be associated with his cross dressing tendencies.

There are many reasons why so many men enjoy crossdressing. Regardless of your own reasons, you will find someone here at Femphone who can help you explore your feminization fantasies, and even help you delve into crossdressing reality, if that's your goal.

Browse our profiles on this page. Each of the Feminization Mistresses has included a bit of information about herself, and about her interests in feminizing men. If you have any questions before you call, feel free to contact us at the email addresses provided on our profile pages.


Sexy silky panties...
lacy, luxurious lingerie...
stockings with those seams up the back...
high, high heels...

What Makes a Woman?

Remember when you threw on a towel and pinned it—that you were automatically super man? Or if you felt a little girlie—you played the woman role when playing house? Magically, you were who you wanted to be. It all came through in your own perceptions, and your own imagination. What if you are a cross dresser, and you really want to become a woman?

Buying Panties Discreetly

Are you a closet panty boy or are you still too embarrassed to admit your fetish, if only to the sales girl? No worries, you have several discreet panty buying options.

A Crossdressing Essay: Is the Crossdresser Powerless to Stop Crossdressing? In this essay by Ms Courtney, the subject of just how deep the crossdressing compulsion goes. Crossdressing: Is the Crossdresser Powerless to Stop?

You're a man. You know what looks and feels sexy on a woman. And you want to capture that sexiness all for yourself, don't you?

You fantasize about sliding on those sleek, silky garments, slipping your feet into a strappy pair of sandals with the tiny gold buckle at the ankle, sitting in front of a mirror and spend as long as you want, making yourself...beautiful...making yourself sexy—sexy like us.

Cross Dressing and Transgendered Articles and Essays

The bold titles below link to a series of crossdressing-transgendered articles written by the women of Femphone:

Defining Gender Terms by Ms Veronica
Fetish Crossdressing vs. Lifestyle Crossdressing by Ms Ally
Crossdressing Clothes: Stockings and Crossdressing, the Pleasures of Hoisery and Transgendered
A Glossary of Lingerie Terms for the Crossdresser
Guided Feminization: Not Just for Sissies!
Caught in Panties: what should Mistress do if she catches you wearing her panties?


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