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Guided Feminization: Not Just for Sissies

It is commonly known that sissies need guidance in many things. They need help choosing clothing and deciding what kind of make-up to wear and how to act girlie without being over the top! Sissies can, in fact, be rather needy. If you are a sissy reading this than you know I am telling the truth! But sissies aren’t the only ones who like to get in touch with their more feminine side. And not every man who wants to wear panties is a sissy! There are some distinct differences between sissies and other men who like to dress up.

Actually, there are many more men than you might think who wish to engage in the game that is usually reserved just for us girls, of playing dress up! They want to feel more feminine and not only on an intellectual or emotional level, but from the outside too. It’s easy to say that a man needs to or wants to get in touch with his feminine side. When he starts to be more emotional or watch chick flicks, everyone just thinks he’s being more sensitive and he gets high kudos for that!

In touch With Your Feminine Side

But what about those men who want to really dress up, and experience what it’s like to wear silk and satin and feel more womanly. They aren’t super girly and needy sissies who want to priss and prance around, but they still crave the feeling of those beautifully lush materials against their body! These are our gorgeous cross dressers. They hide in the closet even more than any sissy, worrying about how they will be received by society as a whole. Most dress only for themselves, dreaming of a day when dressing up is no longer a hidden and sometimes shameful act. They hope for a point when the wearing of women’s clothing can be only an experience that brings pleasure beyond the furtive and lonely activities that many transvestites experience.

Just putting on the feminine clothing has great meaning to our cross dressing friends and because it has been so secret for so long, and they are not as outgoing as our fun and friendly sissies, it is something they often need our assistance with. This is when a Mistress becomes more than a Domme. She is also a confidant, teacher and master of guided feminization. A male cross dresser often needs advice as he moves through the process of exploring the world of the feminine. He’s not certain how to choose clothing, other than what he likes and we all know that dressing just based on what outfit you like, does not always equal dressing in what looks best on you. Cross dressing men want to look good too. When they are all dressed up and staring in that mirror, they want to be the prettiest woman they can be!

Finding Your Femininity and Sexuality

Even for cross dressers who do not prefer or need to be coerced into feminization, a dominant woman, expert in the ways of womanhood, is still often his best friend. She can be everything from an impartial listener, to a sisterly confidante, to an intimate guide in the ways of all things feminine. We, as women, know so many things about how to dress and put on make-up, things that we take for granted, like put on your mascara after your eye shadow and that liquid eyeliner is a learned skill, but pencil eye liner is something anyone can make look good!

Besides just dressing up, there are other things we can guide a man who wants to be feminine in. For instance, if a transvestite also derives sexual pleasure from wearing women's clothing, we can assist in learning how to express that. A confident woman (as all Mistresses are) who is secure in her own feminine sexuality, can also provide structure and support for sexual gratification as well as guidance and mentoring. However, we should always remember that guided feminization and womanly transformations are highly individualized experiences. Some need that added push of coerced feminization, to guide them into both dressing and acting like a female in their daily life and in their sexual endeavors. Some may even want to explore their bi-curious side as a woman, which we know they need much guidance with, as that is something very new and different and exciting to try. In any case, a strong and confident woman who is well-versed not only in the ways of her gender but in the special concerns of cross dressing men is an asset no transvestite should be without, your Mistress can be this and more for you.

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