Crossdressers Caught in the Act! Tales of Crossdressing Discovery

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getting caught crossdressing Written by Ms Heather of Femphone
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Caught in the Act! Have You Been Caught Cross Dressing?

We all have our little secrets that we'd be embarrassed if anyone found out about, but stories of crossdressers being discovered are often some of the best... both humiliating and erotic at the same time, especially in the eyes of the crossdresser. It is often the ultimate fantasy of a crossdresser to be discovered, and to have the person who discovers them decide they are going to use the crossdresser to their advantage; whether it be dressing them up for their own amusement or playing sexual games while the crossdresser is dressed up. Sometimes just anticipating being caught is a sexual rush for the crossdresser, and actually getting caught is a blissful fantasy come true.

For crossdressers who live a somewhat double life as an adult, stories of men being caught by their wives while dressed in her panties are also common. Of course, a discovery such as this most often changes the dynamic of their marital relationship... even if it's only confined to the bedroom. The wife finds that she is more in control, having something to hold over her crossdressing husband's head, and the husband often finds this to be quite erotic, deriving a great sense of pleasure by seeing his wife become more dominant in the bedroom and feeling a bit of freedom by releasing some of the control he may have once had. She may turn it into a game that is played between the two of them to enhance their sex life in the bedroom... something as simple as making him wear panties to work every day underneath his business suit keeps a sexual charge about him all day, making the bedroom time spent together later all that much more enjoyable. Of course, the extreme opposite can happen as well; the wife may decide that since her husband likes to wear panties, he should take on the other female roles of their relationship as well, and she may turn him into somewhat of a slave or maid. You never know what may happen when a crossdresser is discovered, but once it happens, you can't go back.

The Exhibitionist ~ Crossdressing Peep show in progress

The exhibitionist crossdresser is most excited about being caught by someone who may not know him or ever see him again. He enjoys wearing sexy thongs or g-strings or other panties underneath his regular clothes, but in a way that they could be seen by women in public; wearing pants that will show the top of his thong panties when he's sitting down at a coffee shop, or bending over fixing a pipe underneath the sink. Maybe he wears a t-shirt that's tight enough that the outline of his bra can be seen through it, or perhaps he leaves traces of pink or red nail polish around the cuticles of his fingernails, knowing at some point he could be discovered by the teller at the bank, or the girl at the grocery store register. The giggles, glances and grins that these small encounters brings are enough to keep him on edge and excited.

The Work Horse ~ Getting caught crossdressing by a co-worker

Many businessmen who crossdress often have stories of being caught by their secretary or a co-worker. It could be she comes into his office while he has his shoes kicked off underneath the desk, and sees that he is wearing nylon stockings instead of socks. Or perhaps she sees the outline of his bra underneath his button-up shirt. Whatever gives our crossdresser away, usually these women are well prepared to use their new knowledge to their advantage. Discovering that a boss or a co-worker is a crossdresser can be a very lucrative beginning for a smart woman. She can often receive such perks as a raise, clothing allowance, new company car, etc. Pictures, of course, are always in order when a woman catches anyone crossdressing, but especially when it's someone she works with. She can have a large burden of her own work removed by delegating it to her new 'assistant'. She may even implement new policies for her crossdressing co-worker to follow, such as being prepared for daily panty checks so that she can be sure that he is keeping up his end of the bargain. Sometimes, in this day and age, it takes a little extra something to get ahead in the corporate world, and finding out a boss or a co-worker is a crossdresser can be just the thing a woman needs to give her that edge.

Different crossdressers enjoy different reactions from the people who catch them in their secret. Some enjoy being humiliated and made fun of, others would prefer to be able to share their secret life with those most intimate and closest to them, almost like a good girlfriend would. But no matter which way the chips may fall when a crossdresser is exposed, one thing is for certain... it's always an interesting story to tell.

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