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Crossdressing, Feminization and Transgendered Essays

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Ms. Jenna discusses sissy training and proper sissy etiquette in Proper Sissy Behavior.

Do you enjoy the thought of wearing panties? Perhaps you should read The Evolution of a Panty Boi before you go any further.

Wearing panties doesn't necessarily make you feminine. Though many feminized men wear panties, there are a variety of other reasons a man might wear panties. Ms. Constance discusses them in Types of Panty Wearing Men.

Ms. Piper discusses your secret panty fetish and what happens when it is exposed in Secret Panty Fetish Exposed.

Are you new to coerced feminization and looking for some roleplay ideas? Check out Ms. EmmaJane's Role-Playing Ideas for Coerced Feminization Novices.

Do you enjoy feminization but aren't really into coercion? Ms. EmmaJane has some ideas for you in Role-Playing Ideas For Those Interested in Non-Coerced Feminization.

Ms. Delia discusses 5 ways you can feel more feminine in your daily life.

Crossdressers have special concerns when bra shopping. For tips on this subject, read our essay: How To Shop for a Bra

Ms Elizabeth helps cross dressers of all ages, shapes and sizes navigate the world of Crossdressing Communities in this essay.

While crossdressers have their unique concerns and challenges, advice from a "genetic female" (or "GG") can always help. Ms Heather has written her own "Ten Essential Tips for Crossdressers"

One of the most frequently mentioned fantasies we hear from our crossdressing girlfriends is "I'd love to get dressed up and have a night on the town!". For some, this is a common event. For others who lack the courage or support or freedom to go out en femme, it is merely a dream. In this essay by Ms Cecilia, the pleasures and concerns of going out crossdressed are discussed.

A subject that comes up often during feminization consultations is, "What do I do about all this hair? Ms Julia provides some tips in her article, Hair Removal for Crossdressers

First of all, lets start by discussing just what Purging is when talking about a fetish that involves feminization - yes it can be cross dressers, sissies, panty boys. Purging isn’t specific to one but is just as painful to each. So what is it? Continue reading What is Purging and How Can it be Avoided?

Are crossdressers powerless to stop their crossdressing activities? Ms Courtney provides some insight and references to professional opinions on this controversial subject.

Crossdressing Men: Expanding the boundaries of Gender

A Woman's Perspective on Male Crossdressing: A "Genetic Female" shares her views and opinions on male crossdressing

Crossdressing and Transgendered Terms

The Luxurious Pleasure of Stockings: One of the most delicious pleasures a "girl" can enjoy is slipping on a pair of stockings...

Caught Crossdressing!: Have you been caught crossdressing? Have you fantazised about being caught while crossdressed? Read on

Lingerie Terms: What's a Merrywidow? A Peignoir? Find out here

Guided Feminization: Not just for sissies!

Feminization and Spirituality

Crossdressing and Cosmetics: Advice from a genetic girl: all about cosmetics

Non-Coerced Feminization: While coerced feminization is a popular pleasure, there are plenty of "girls" who don't need to be coerced into femininity

Feminization and Humiliation: Why some crossdressers, sissies in particular, enjoy incorporating humiliation into their feminization fantasies and activities.

Coerced Sissies: One writer's theory regarding the use of "coersion" in feminization and sissification fantasies and role play.

The Crossdressing Novice: A beginner's guide to crossdressing, written by a woman who knows how to dress for eye catching success!

Crossdressing Sex: A Woman and a Crossdresser

How to be a good Sissy Maid: Learn how a maid should behave and act accordingly in front of Mistress and her friends.

Are you a sissy who wears panties? Or do you just love the idea of being feminized and panties are your portal into that womanly piece of heaven? If so, what kind of panties do you gravitate to, and what does it say about your sissy personality? What do your panties say about you?

Dressing up your thoughts: Why men should wear dresses.

Ever get the urge to get super slutty and dress like a stripper? Read our how to dress like a stripper essay.

Have you ever thought about corset training?

Ever wonder where high heels came from? Read the history of high heels.

Are you a sissy thinking about carrying a purse? Read Should sissies carry purses?

Are you a transgendered person who is feeling all alone? Read Where can a transgendered person turn for support?

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