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5 Ways To Be Secretly Feminine All Day

by Ms. Delia of www.begformistress.com

Many sissies are very comfortable with their femininity, and they go out dressed every day. They’re happy and content, letting their sissie sides show. Other sissies, because of family, friends, jobs, whatever, just can’t be as flamboyant. Even if you can’t let your sissy flag fly, there are things you can do to feel secretly feminine all day. Ms. Delia wants you to learn and use her favorite five tips to help you feel and stay feminine all day.

1. Wear panties under your briefs. Slide on a thong, some bikini panties or even a pair of boy shorts. If you’re wearing boxer briefs over them, chances are they will cover up your sissy panties. You will know they are there, though, as you feel those silky undergarments along your skin, safely holding your sissy clit in place.

2. Apply lip balm. If you’re trying to keep your sissy persona on the down low, you can’t very well put on some slutty fire engine red lip stick, now can you? You can however apply some shiny, otherwise demure lip balm. And really, lip balm is nothing more than lipstick without any coloring in it. Just the simple act of slipping off to the rest room, pulling that stick of lip balm out of your pocket and sliding it over your lips can be so very feminizing. Go ahead and imagine you’re layering on a nice thick coat of lipstick. You can even remember the last time you did it, applying that lipstick before you sucked that dick, just so you could leave your mark!

3. Affirm Your Sissyhood With Mantras. You know what they say, if you are told anything enough times, it becomes truth. Who better to tell you what a true sissy you are than yourself. The perfect time to practice your sissy mantras is after you’ve put on that lip balm. Stare at yourself in the mirror and repeat something like – all credit to the sassy Ms. Constance - “I am feminine. I am a girl. I will behave like, and become the woman I feel inside me.” or “I will be smooth and soft like a girl. I am a sissy girl, and will shave every day. A girl does not have hairy legs and I am a girl and neither will I.” Which leads us to…

4. Shaving. As my sexy friend Ms. Christine likes to say “A smooth sissy is a happy sissy!” so make sure you keep smooth. Pubes most definitely, but legs, too. You don’t want anything coming between you and the silky feel of your lingerie. If you really want to feel like a sissy, shave everything from the neck down – armpits, chest, arms. You might have some explaining to do at the gym, but you can always tell them you’re a triathlete, like me, Ms. Delia!

5. Wear stockings. This is why you want to keep your legs smooth, sissy. Nothing feels as sexy as sliding a pair of thigh highs slowly up a smooth pair of legs. Like your panties, you can hide them by putting a pair of socks over them. No one but you will know they are there. Every time you move though, you’ll feel that cool silkiness sliding against your legs. Plus, your pants will drape better!

Use the five feminization tips from Ms. Delia and put your sissy self in the right headspace every day!


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