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You look so much better when you're not pretending to be a man. Apprise me of your true identity, which I willingly accept. By the time I'm done with you, you will be insatiable.

This is why having periodic sessions over the phone with me will only remind you of who you really are. I have some pink panties for you. I want you to tuck your little cock back between your legs, then pull your panties up tight now. With your cock tucked back like that, it makes your sack almost look like pussy lips through your panties. You feel different when in a feminized state, right?

I want the feeling of pure femininity to come over you, from the way the panties feel, to the way they expose you. Don't you feel like a woman? You were so made to wear panties. And I know you like the way they feel on you! You can't help but to feel swallowed by the softness and femininity of women's panties.

First, I need you to be able to stop feeling guilty about your new desire to wear women's panties, because we will go deeper into lingerie, camis, skirts and pretty dresses.

Secondly, it's even sexier, more desirable and liberating. I love you in them and I know you love the way they feel on you. You want to be my pretty fem slut dressed in slutty stockings and a naughty red thong, with "come fuck me" heels, my prissy sissy missy!




Feminization Phone Sex