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Are you looking for someone to share 'girlie' talk with? Someone to discuss shades of lipstick and designer pumps? If so, you've come to the wrong Mistress, sissy boy. What I have in store for you goes much deeper.

Do not misunderstand me ... I adore sissies! I am fascinated by the process of taking a male canvas ... plain, boring, awkward ... .and transforming that body into a stunning example of sultry femininity. I take pleasure in stripping down my boys and building them back up into a variety of female personas, from slutty school girls to power hungry execs to sophisticated, sultry sex symbols. I enjoy starting with a delicate pair of silky panties, then I add the sheer thigh-high pantyhose and garter belt. From there, I might add a corset or waist cincher to give the allure of curves. No element of the transformation is over looked, down to the strappy sandals up to the perfectly painted face. I am meticulous and a master of patience. I enjoy taking my time and creating a truly exquisite creature to use at my will.

I understand that you have been unable to share this secret aspect of yourself with the people in your life. Not only do I understand your desire and need to feel feminine ... in turn, I deeply desire the woman in you. Once your transformation is complete, I won't be interested in simply sitting idly by and chatting about accessories. I won't be able to resist your sexy allure. You will be mine and I will use you like the irresistible slut you have become.

Let me transform you. Let me listen to all of your deep desires and yearning to explore your sissy side. Let me show you what it is truly like to be a woman ... to use your sex appeal to drive others wild ... to be seduced and ravaged and used until you moan with pleasure. Then let me hold you and caress you and listen to all of your thoughts and dreams and fears. You will always be safe in my world. In my arms.




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